About Us

We are Brad & Angela Robinson. We have been involved in the education, preservation & breeding of Bulldogs & French Bulldogs for over 15 years. Angela came from a family that only rescued mixed breed dogs and Brad never had a dog as a pet.

 Petterubinson’s Canadian Bacon aka Moose was our first Bulldog and our first AKC registered pure bred dog. Moose was one of our largest lessons learned and our first heart dog.

 The day we added Moose to our family we meet a French Bulldog for the first time and eagerly added a second dog to our family.
Tidewater’s Flying Squirrel aka Squirrelly was our first French Bulldog and our foundation bitch. 

(Get it?...Moose & Squirrel?!) 

 When Moose passed we got our second Bulldog Silverstreak’s River Stallion aka Hippo.

 Both Squirrel & Hippo have been active show dogs in AKC confirmation, breed education & are experts at sleeping.

 After several breeding’s we decided to finally keep a puppy for ourselves to carry on the Fairwood tradition and then added Fairwood’s Petit Lapin Merde aka Bunny to our fur family.

 Our goal is to educate, uphold the breed standards, and mentor the new generation of the Dog Fancier. We are also active members of the French Bulldog Club of Puget Sound.

At Fairwood Bulldogs our dogs are family first and show dogs second. We emphasize in health, temperament, and conformation.

Our Bullies

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The Girls

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The Puppies

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